Heather Lipson Bell

​​LA TIMES, City Ballet of LA

  • Heather Lipson Bell’s 1940s mélange of dances set to six popular ballads sung by Anita Ellis was marked by the dance maker’s pleasingly unhurried touch.


  • Four actors, representing New York, Paris, Vienna, and St. Petersburg from four different historical periods, appeared throughout the hall ... and the concert ended with all four actors dancing to Mozart's 40th in four very different dance styles - an electrifying sight.

EXAMINER.COM,Pacific Opera Project, Ariadne auf Naxos

  • Heather Lipson Bell’s choreography was lively and inventive, helping to keep the production moving at an ideal clip.

BERKSHIRE FINE ARTS.COM, Cutting Edge Operas, NYC: My Last Dutchess & The Clever Mistress

  • Two harlequins, masked and dressed in traditional diamond patterns, wove in and out of both operas, announcing. pointing, gesturing, even binding. They were a colorful addition. 


  • Choreographer Heather Lipson Bell moved the actors around the tiny stage well, which filled out the production with well-orchestrated dance numbers.